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Dyslexia Assessment Services

Assessments are carried out in school, during school time, regardless of who is paying for the assessment. The fees quoted below are for Macclesfield and the Macclesfield area. There are additional charges for other locations.

Please note fees need to be paid in full before any assessment is started.

A nonrefundable deposit of £70 is required to process any booking.

Language, Learning & Literacy Assessment (Reception to Year 2)

I evaluate the core skills involved in learning and language, as well as how literacy (reading and writing) are developing in the child.


A wide range of skills will be evaluated and the specific tests will be chosen depending on the type of concerns raised.


The assessments will typically take two mornings or two afternoons.  


The results will be discussed with parents and/or school staff, alongside a selection of strategies for intervention that will be explained and demonstrated in detail in video.


Cost: ₤150.00

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Specialist Dyslexia Assessments & Interventions

I administer all the assessments required for a formal diagnosis of dyslexia, as well as additional language assessments, depending on the child’s profile.


The assessment process will be normally completed over 2 days.  With the results, I will first create a short report that will include my diagnosis, including a dyslexia diagnosis if there is one, as well as a comprehensive evaluation of the areas of learning and language and a selection of recommended intervention approaches, which will be discussed face-to-face and demonstrated in video.


Please note that this short report will be for internal use. Even if there is a diagnosis of dyslexia, this report alone will not be sufficient to apply for DSA.


Cost: ₤290.00

British Dyslexia Association Approved Report

I hold the APC (Assessing Practice Certificate), which allows me to formally diagnose dyslexia.


These reports follow a strict writing protocol and tend to be between 25 and 40 pages long.


Once you receive the short report (detailed above), families or schools can ask me to write a full BDA-approved report, paying an additional supplement ₤120.


Please note fees need to be paid in full before I start any assessment.


Cost: ₤120.00

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